WHEN Victoria met her Ben 10 she thought he was an answer to prayer.
Victoria Sowane (51) from Masona Village in Bushbuckridge met and fell in love with a Ben 10 from Marite, Alexander in Mpumalanga in 2012. 

“What I didn’t know was that he had ulterior motives,” said Victoria.

Victoria, a pastor and nurse by profession, said her lover left her high and dry.

“When we first met he presented himself as someone who was vulnerable. I learnt the hard way that he was nothing but a hyena in a sheep’s skin,” said an angry Victoria.

She said the Ben 10 had claimed to be an orphan.
“He claimed to assist the less fortunate at my church. I decided to take him under my wing. With time we decided to formalise our relationship by getting married at home affairs.”

Since her man wasn’t working, Victoria organised everything, including paying for the rings, which were about
R20 000.

“We were married in community of property. I even bought a car for us in his name,” she related.

Sadly, since July, the Ben 10 has gone missing . . . he has vanished into thin air.
“He packed all the clothes I bought him and disappeared. He started showing his true colours. And he was cheating on me, calling me names like gogo.
“He would even threaten me with death. I thought he’d change but he went from bad to worse.
“He even sold my car to one of his relatives. He used to tell me he would never work as long as the world is full of rich women.
“Imagine targeting those who’ve lost their husbands. I just want to warn women to be careful and not make the same mistake as I did,” said Victoria.
Mpumalanga police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi has advised Victoria to seek legal help, since they were married in community of property


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